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The Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP) is a tool to integrate best practice for continuous improvement of energy efficiency of ship operations. From January 2013, it will be mandatory to develop ship-specific SEEMP and be kept on board as a reference.  
  WISE (Weather Information for Safety and Economy) ROUTING enables vessels to obtain the latest weather and sea condition forecasts on board at any given time. Based on these forecasts and planned navigation routes, simulation can be performed on board.

The IMO guidance for developing SEEMP (*1) provides "Improved Voyage Planning"," Weather Routing","Just in time", and "Speed Optimization". These measures will aid in fuel-efficient operations.
  (*1) MEPC.1/Circ.683 Guidance for the development of a ship energy efficiency management plan  
  Improved Voyage Planning  
  WISE ROUTING's on-board route simulation shows the estimated arrival time, fuel consumption, and necessary engine RPM, all of which can help with efficient voyage planning.  
  Just In Time Operation  
  WISE ROUTING's on board route simulation calculates necessary engine RPM for specific arrival times for the next port. This will help avoid unnecessary speeding up and waiting at sea.  
  Weather Routing  
  By using the latest weather and sea condition forecast from WISE ROUTING, vessels can avoid rough weather and achieve a more energy efficient voyage.  
  Speed Optimization  
  Slowing down close to the optimum speed is an effective way of reducing fuel consumption. With WISE ROUTING vessels can avoid rough weather and have more  opportunities for slowing down speed.  
Special Features of WISE ROUTING
  1. Supporting SEEMP  
  WISE ROUTING includes measures which aids in fuel-efficient operations in the SEEMP (Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan).  
  2. Fixed monthly price  
  Irrelevant of usage of weather forecast service  and on-board simulation, WISE ROUTING can be used at a fixed low monthly cost (communications cost on board for satellite time is not covered).  
  3. Unlimited on-board route simulation  
  Based on latest weather and sea condition forecasts, vessels can run on-board route simulation and compare several different routes. It can be run any number of time until you get an optimal result..  
  4. Nominal initial cost  
  WISE ROUTING can be installed in the existing PC(*2) on-board, so there is no additional hardware required. Besides, cost of software and its update  are included in monthly payment. Vessels can start using WISE ROUTING at nominal initial cost (a deposit for USB dongle will be charged).  
  5. Free Trial  
  WISE ROUTING has a free trial period for 30 days. All features are provided during the trial period so vessels can evaluate usability and reliability of WISE ROUTING.  
  (*2) System Requirement: Windows XP or later, 512 MB of RAM, 500MB available hard disc space, screen resolution of 1024x768 or greater, CD drive, E-mail connection, this software doesn't work on PC with TV tuner.  
Expected Benefits from WISE ROUTING
  Ship owners / Ship operators  
   - Increases safety levels for navigation
 - Saves cost of maintenance by improving navigation condition
 - Fuel efficient and safe vessels are attractive to the charter market
 - Improves customer (charterers) satisfaction
 - Environmentally friendly to benefit corporate image
   - Saves fuel and time
 - Reduces insurance cost due to less weather damages to cargo
 - Reduces cargo lead time by choosing better routes
 - Improves customer (shipper) satisfaction
 - Environmentally friendly to benefit corporate image
  Weather and sea condition forecast (Click to enlarge)  
  On-board route simulation (Click to enlarge)  
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