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  It is vital that a shipping company operates its vessels safely and efficiently since careless operation of vessels could lead not only to accidents but could also result in their being detained if they fail to pass on-board inspections by port state control officers. Accidents, such as oil leaks, accompanying cargo transfer operations could have a severe impact on the management of the shipping company.

In order to prevent such problems, our consulting services for ship operation include ship vetting, safety supervision, shipbuilding supervision, and management of ship maintenance and upkeep. In addition, we offer consulting for the process management for ship management.
Our ship vetting service includes a thorough check of safety equipment and various certificates-in addition to the condition of maintenance of the hull and the engines, by our meticulous experts. The performance of crew members is also included in our checklist. Covering both hardware and software aspects, our system supports clients by giving effective advice on measures to be taken in response to results of ship inspections.
The introduction of this ship vetting service has dramatically reduced the downtime of our clients' vessels that might have arisen due to marine accidents or other unanticipated troubles.

In our supervising service, we dispatch experts to our clients' vessels, such as bulkers, large crude oil carriers, petroleum product carriers, LPG tankers, and LNG tankers, in order to supervise cargo transfer operations and emergency response action. In this way, we are able to manage safety while the vessels are moored to berths.