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  Activities in the marine sector are varied: The augmentation of the size of LNG carriers and oil tankers; building and remodeling of berths; construction of bridges and airport facilities; designing sailing routes; dredging waterways; and settling marine accidents. Our marine consulting services will help you find solutions to safety, efficiency and technical problems arising from such activities, through the combined experience of our marine and information technology experts.

The marine consulting of our company features the merger of experience of marine and information technology experts. Our solutions-verified through simulations, and carefully contoured to meet the customer needs-have been well accepted by government agencies and various private companies alike.

1・Verification before construction
Simulator experiments allow any marine projects-including such varied tasks as the construction of a bridge, a berth, or an airport on an artificial island-to be examined in advance.
This can lead to reduced costs, a shorter work period, and improvements in design.
2・Easier approval from parties concerned with your project
In the event there is a conflict among parties concerned over various projects, independent and fair simulator experiments will make it easier to obtain consensus from those concerned, including governmental agencies.
3・Increased volume of cargo transport and resultant cost
If a re-examination of vessel models and mooring systems currently employed indicates that it is feasible to augment the size of such vessels, it will lead to an increase in the volume of cargo that can be transported, which can result in a substantial cost reduction.
4・Improved safety of port facilities
Verification of the relationship between vessel traffic and port facilities, including berths, waterways and works areas, through the use of a shiphandling simulator, can lead to a dramatic improvement in safety.
1・Navigational safety measures
We propose safety measures for such marine projects as the construction of airports, and bridges, and for plans to increase vessel size. We are also prepared to assist in the operation of relevant committees.
2・Verification of port and harbor projects
We verify safety and efficiency for port and harbor projects, including berth construction plans. We are also able to assist in the operation of relevant committees.
3・Survey of the actual picture of vessel traffic
We can provide detailed surveys of vessel traffic in waterways or in port areas through the use of a computer-assisted radar. The data, which are an effective tool for understanding the congestion of marine traffic, can be used to support the design of ports, harbors, and other marine projects. They also serve as basic material for various simulations.
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4・Solutions to mooring problems
By verifying vessels moored to certain mooring facilities, and mooring systems in general, we will put forward necessary proposals including measures to respond to tsunamis. We employ a highly accurate simulations capable of responding to the verification of long-period waves.
5・Port and harbor surveys
We conduct detailed surveys of ports and harbors, including those in foreign countries. These surveys are vital for planning the allocation of vessels.
6・Proposals to optimize the construction of berths
  for oil tankers and LNG carriers and the design of concept facilities
We can help you optimize the conditions for constructing berths (beginning in the planning stage) and design concept facilities for oil tankers and LNG carriers. Our experts in ship operation and maneuvering will help verify the safety and efficiency of such facilities.
7・Studies relating to the layout of container terminals
  and proposals for the operation and management of such terminals
Our analyses, based on accurate simulations, of the "path-of-movement lines" of containers and related equipment in a container terminal, enable us to optimize the layout of such facilities. In addition, we offer proposals to optimize the operation and management of the terminals, including such operational aspects as trailer waiting time, document flow and cargo handling time for each ship.
8・Studies of vessel assignment planning
As the use of electricity changes according to the season, so does the consumption of coal and petroleum, which serve as the main fuels for the generation of electricity. For this reason, it is vital for a power plant to plan an optimum assignment of vessels, taking into account the amount of coal/petroleum in reserve.
Our company can develop an optimum vessel assignment plan by conducting a simulation with a look-ahead time of 10 years. Our plan can take into account seasonal factors, as well as other elements that might cause delays in vessel arrival.

9・Study of vessel-traffic control systems
We conduct simulations of vessel traffic control systems in fairways, waterways and ports, which enable us to develop optimum control systems.
10・Study of the heights and widths of piers when erecting
   a bridge
We can provide proposals for the heights and widths of piers when erecting a bridge over a river or at an entrance to a bay that can optimize vessel navigation around these facilities.
11・Analysis of marine accidents and identification of root causes
Using our simulator, we can accurately reproduce marine accidents and identify their causes.
We are prepared to respond to court actions and insurance claims.