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We specialize in marine consulting. Our unique methodology takes full advantage of state-of-the-art simulator technology and allows us to offer extraordinarily high value proposals relating to the technical, legal, economic and safety aspects of the marine industry, for customers who are engaged in civil engineering for port and harbor construction, marine transportation, petroleum and gas industries, shipbuilding, ship management, and port and harbor management.

Our services consist of the following four categories:
  Our marine consulting helps you find the answers to safety, efficiency and technical problems in the maritime sector. You can rely on our marine specialists to offer the best solutions through the use of the latest simulation technology.  
  The following are some examples of our consulting services:  
Safe navigation measures
Verification of port and harbor plans
Survey of the actual conditions of vessel traffic
Mooring problems
Augmentation of vessel size
New building and remodeling of berths
Construction of an airport situated on an artificial island
Assistance in settling marine accident disputes
Our ship operation consulting service provides guidance in the safe and efficient operation of your vessels.
Specifically we offer the following services:
Ship vetting
Our experts will check the condition of maintenance of the hull and the engine, and will advise on whether all the necessary certificates are in order.
This service will enable you to drastically reduce the downtime of your vessel arising from accidents or troubles.
Safety supervision
Our experts supervise cargo transfer operations on board oil tankers and LNG carriers with an aim to improving safety and efficiency.
Shipbuilding supervision
We offer supervision of the construction of a ship on your behalf.
Maintenance and upkeep management
We offer management services for the maintenance and upkeep of vessels (on your behalf).
Our marine training services provide training in shiphandling through the use of a full-mission shiphandling simulator.
We offer the following shiphandling training:
Shiphandling training
Shiphandling for masters, deck officers and pilots.
BRM (bridge resource management)
Teamwork development through the use of a shiphandling simulator.
PEC (pilot exemption certificate) course
This simulator-based training course allows the trainees to receive a certificate of exemption from the use of compulsory pilot services (under certain conditions).
Other trainings
Training custom-tailored to the various needs of our customers
We are in the business of producing and selling shiphandling simulator and other systems, which include the following:
 ・Large-scale full-mission shiphandling simulator
 ・Desk-top computer-based shiphandling simulator
 ・Mooring/unmooring support system
 ・"Digitrace" (real-time delivery service of notices to mariners)
 ・Various software